Zotrim is The Only Clinically Proven Fat Burner Which You Can Buy Online... Is it Effective?


Simple Weight Loss formula = Zotrim + Eat Less + Exercise More

It is as simple as it looks. Zotrim is not just another diet pill on the market.

It is indeed a special patented herbal formulation clinically proven to aid significant weight loss.

Zotrim Highlights

  • Zotrim = YerbaMate + Guarana + Damiana + Caffeine + Vitamin B3 + Vitamin B6.
  • Zotrim is on the market since 2000. It is available in many high-street stores too. But After Covid 19 Pandemic people are buying it online directly from Zotrim.com at a special discounted price.
  • Zotrim has a sound clinical trials backing. Five clinical trials on Zotrim formulation have been conducted over years and more than 10 papers have been published on Zotrim. You will be surprised know that, in one of the clinical trials on 47 overweighing people, people lost around 5 kgs on an average over 45 days without any special diet or exercising.
  • As per Zotrim.com, it outperformed 3 prescription only anti-obesity drugs in a trial that too without any serious side effects.
  • Zotrim costs around $35 to $60 depending on the package you go for. With special discount, you may get it for the best price ever.

Recommended Dosage

One box of Zotrim comes with 180 tablets.

Recommended Dosage is 6 pills a day, 2 tablets with each meal.

For faster results you can take 3 pills with each meal (9 pills a day). But Zotrim.com clearly states that, if you take 9 pills a day, one Zotrim box will not last for a full month.


Side effects

As per user reviews over 20 years, Zotrim is not likely to cause any dangerous side effects. If you are very much sensitive to caffeine, you may experience headache, nausea and sleeplessness in the beginning.

Zotrim Packages & Pricing

  • One month’s package costs $59.99.
  • 2 months + one free (3 months’ supply) costs $119.98 ($39.99 per month)
  • 3 months + two free (5 months’ supply) costs $179.97 ($35.99 per month)
  • If you order during this COVID 19 led lockdown, you may get some special discount at Zotrim.com. This could be a temporary offer. Visit zotrim.com for details.


Where to buy Zotrim?

Zotrim is a well-established diet pill brand on the market for past 20 years. It is available in many high-street stores worldwide. You can buy it from Tesco, Boots, Holland & Barret etc.

You get Zotrim at the best prices if you buy online directly from Zotrim.com.

Visit Zotrim.Com, the official website.


Zotrim is ideal for all people looking for a healthy diet pill and decent weight loss.

Zotrim is still ruling the weight loss market worldwide like it did for more than 20 years now. That too, amidst tough competition from prescription obesity drugs, OTC diet supplements online and offline and online dubious scams.

Sound clinical trials backing and unique ingredient mix has made it prevalent even now.

Zotrim has everything in it and at best prices.

  • Has appetite suppressing, fat burning and fat preventing ingredients
  • Has energy boosters and mood enhancers to keep you going till you reach your weight loss goals.
  • Has Vitamins to keep you strong and healthy during the calorie-deficit diet
  • All these at very reasonable rates

Start losing weight with Zotrim, a healthy way.